Elite Coffee Brands

EL-Café is the place where you can get flavorful coffee strains from global elite brands and roasters at very affordable price.

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About EL-Cafe

A three generation coffee business since early the 1960s, the company was known as See Bee Company then. It was one of the largest coffee roasters in Singapore. The company became a distributor selling coffee beans and powder to local provision shops.

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We provide a variety of services to both our new and regular customers. If you can think of anything connected with coffee, we can offer it at ONEeleven.

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SELECTED coffee beans

Enjoy the aroma of specially-selected coffee beans available at our shop today.


Take a sip of our Elite Coffee, and revel in the variety of tastes.


At ONEeleven, you can find many types of tasty coffee flavours


If you prefer to �cook� coffee, we have something special for you.


Experience the real taste of coffee with our products.
We offer high quality and tasty coffee variations from widely known brands.

Classic espresso

Classic espresso is a robust, rich and bold coffee of the highest quality. The strong blend makes an exquisite espresso that could be just the thing to give yourself a midday pick-me-up.

Signature coffee blend

Signature coffee is an excellent all-round coffee. Highly recommended if you want a flexible coffee that will suit everyone's tastes. The blend offers subtle flavours that are delicious, yet unimposing, and without much bitterness or acidity. A smooth and very enjoyable coffee.


Ethiopia is a brilliant African coffee, topped with delicate flower notes (such as cupping chamomile tea , peach). A complete experience found in a clean cup.