About Us

Master Roaster

Master Roaster Eugene Lim grew up in an environment centred around the processes of coffee roasting with his grandfather’s founding of coffee distributor company, See Bee Company in the 1960s; which was and still is a distributor of generic coffee products.

His journey into the world of gourmet coffee started in 2003, when he chanced upon an expresso machine that sparked his interest in premium coffee. Mentored by Master Tan Tiong Hoe, himself an established master roaster since the 1960s, Eugene quickly established a firm foundation and grasp of the intricacies of premium coffee roasting.

In an effort to further his knowledge of the production process, Mr Lim successfully obtained a certification of attendance by the renowned Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) in United States in November 2015.

Mr Lim believes that there are many subtle skills involved in the making of the perfect cup of coffee, and as such, has tirelessly worked to improve his skillset. To date, he can be considered an expert on the following fields relating to coffee –

  1. 1. Cupping
  2. 2. Sensory skills
  3. 3. Olfactory skills
  4. 4. Triangulation
  5. 5. Organic Acids
  6. 6. Green Coffee Grading
  7. 7. Roasted Coffee Grading
  8. 8. Sample Roast Identification

With this holistic background in the field of gourmet coffee, Mr Lim consults frequently to help cafe owners who are looking to set up their own unique blending and roasting supply chains. In the decade and more since he has started, he has become the “go-to” master roaster for modern cafes such as One Eleven and Heavenly Divine for his ability to deliver unique flavour profiles that customers are craving for.